Resident Artist of the Month Shows

If you know of someone or if YOU would like to become an Artist of the Month. We welcome all mediums and talents.    Contact Kevin at [email protected] or 310-567-1857 (text is ok)

Artist of the Month/February

Bill Mace

Bill Mace was born in Kimbal, Missouri. He purchased a home in Portland in 1977, lived there for 46 years until moving to Coronado Shores with his wife Evelyn in 2023. They have been married 76 years.

Bill served as a B47 bomber mechanic in the Korean War. He transitioned to civilian life as a mechanic and retired from Chevron as a big rig diesel mechanic.

Bill started woodworking in 1998 and has been working at his craft ever since. Bill is now in his 90’s and enjoys the Oregon Coast and living in Coronado Shores.

bnSvdotBIIOUJ6N2.jpg                                                    84rLoQNZ1lcvJhub.jpg

Artist of the MONTH/JANUARY


Below is the Artist's Statement:

I am an amateur artist but have painted off and on for many years. I started with oil painting. I only have one drawing left from that era. I have never gone back to oils--I have always wanted to do watercolor, so that is what I’ve been doing for quite some time.

I didn’t paint for many years, raising kids, working, etc. Over the last few years, I have done more watercolor and love it. Recently, my daughter, who is a wonderful artist, is teaching me to paint with acrylics. I’ve been doing a few of them, but I’m not very good at it, still learning.

The artwork I am displaying are paintings I have done over the years, some recent, others go back over time.

I have some wonderful artists in my family. My daughter graduated from Cornish, she is a great artist. My great-granddaughter, age 15, is a fantastic artist and can paint anything and my granddaughter, age 17, is also an artist.

Jan Wilson


No December show. Stay tuned for January 2024. 

November 2023 Artist of the Month

Brad Dull

Brad is a born and raised native Oregonian. He’s a valley boy, as in the Willamette Valley.
After schooling, He worked in the mills in Eugene. Brad volunteered for military service and served in Vietnam from 1969-71.
After his honorable discharge, Brad worked in the restaurant industry, then re-enlisted and served in the US Intelligence Service.
Brad also enrolled in the Cordon Bleu School of French Cooking, specializing in classic French cuisine.
In 2009, on his own, he started assisting senior veterans in finding available benefits.
In 2018 Brad became one of the first 5 volunteers for the ODFA working with Senior Veterans in Dallas, Oregon.
Brad currently is the Veteran Volunteer Aging Veteran Services person for the Oregon Department of Veterans’ Affairs in and around Lincoln City.
Brad lives in Salishan and we're proud to have him as our November artist of the month.


Previous Work: 

From the artist:

“I am an emerging watercolor artist from Lincoln City, Oregon. I work full time at a “real” job, but I’ve been painting transparent watercolor since 2006. I love animals, particularly horses. My work often tries to incorporate movement, power, and a story about what inspired the piece.”

September Artist of the Month is Gail Roberts.
It’s nice to be showing some of my latest art at our
community Clubhouse. This year I decided I would
enjoy exploring a new medium—paper mache. As
with my paintings, my approach tends to be loose
and whimsical. The goal? To put a smile on the face
of the viewer! If you have any interest in purchasing this art, please give me a call.
Phone number and website above.
You can also follow me on Instagram @gailt.roberts
Thank you and enjoy! Enjoy the show!


Artist of the Month/AUGUST 2023

I am an emerging artist from Beaverton, Oregon. We are fortunate to have a second home in Coronado Shores, and we spend as much time here as possible.
After my retirement from the Canby School District in 2015, I started taking classes in drawing, acrylic painting and watercolor at Portland State University and Portland Community College. I have taken workshops in pastels, watercolors and photography at the Sitka Center, Oregon Coast Community College, Portland Art Museum and the Oregon Society of Artists.
My inspiration for creating art comes from an Ethnomathematics class at Portland State where we studied the relationship between people, their culture and the learning of mathematics.
It is difficult to select my favorite medium, because I love them all. My goal is to create beautiful art for my home, my grandchildren and my friends. I use my teaching background to apply creative problem solving to my art.
Four of my paintings are watercolors, the cranes and the cow head. The remainder of my paintings are acrylics. The prices can be negotiated, although some have been sold.
A favorite pastime is gourmet cooking, and I sometimes think of myself as a pastry chef. I love baking Christmas Cookies and sharing them with my friends. I’m always searching for new dessert recipes.
Gardening has been my place of sanctuary, but I’m more of a dreamer than an actual gardener. I dream of creating a meandering path through my garden with perennials, ferns and flowering bushes.

I worked as a professional mountaineering instructor for
12 years before moving on to educational television production. 
From there I became a senior producer for a

national media company where I created and produced
regional television commercials.
For the last ten years I have been creating ultra-high
resolution digital cinema and still photography for the

international stock footage market.
Throughout this time, I have also been shooting fine-art
photography and keeping its release limited to friends
and family. I recently decided to start making these
images available to others.



About the Artist: Shawn Nevin

I’ve always loved crafting of any kind. Cross stitch, embroidery, needle point, crochet, basket weaving, rubber stamping, embossing, sewing, making soap, to name a few.

Creating feeds my soul; it gives me a joyful spirit.

About 30 years ago, a friend asked me to attend a watercolor class with her and I found myself happily dabbling. I knew it would take practice, but with a busy family, I found myself saying “when I retire I will paint.”

I retired 5 years ago, and moved to the coast where I found my inspiration! And, I found YouTube!
So this self-taught artist loves to use all types of mediums: Watercolor, Acrylic, Resin, Wood & Clay.

I enjoy agate, driftwood, and shell hunting
And love incorporating them into my art.

Artist of the Month/MAY

Artist Statement:

My interest in painting focuses on the more formal aspects of art, and my curiosity about the basic elements i.e. the shapes, colors, lines and textures is central to my quest.

In each painting I attempt to combine these components to affect a coherent statement. The key is to evoke a certain mood or feeling, as indeed is the case in all art, and I try emphasizing scale and proportion to help bring this about. The resulting space between the various shape stand images within the picture is as important as the features themselves since it highlights their singularity by throwing them into sharper focus and giving them room to breathe.

The mood and flavors that subsequently emerge vary from painting to painting and very frequently are prompted by musical themes. I always listen to music as I paint as I find it both suggestive and therapeutic.

For further information on my Art, visit my website at
… if you know of someone or if YOU would like to become an Artist of the Month. Contact Kevin @ [email protected] or 310) 567-1857 (text is ok).

April is Titanic Month.
John Lamareau

One of our CSBC members, John Lamareau is a collector of Original Titanic Memorabilia and, in fact has the largest collection in the Pacific Northwest. His artifacts include not only original Titanic items, but many personal items from the crew and passengers, along with their detailed stories as well. Some from the sunken ship itself. On display throughout the month of April will be images reflecting the collection and some of the stories.
Then on Saturday, April 22nd at 3pm John will provide a detailed presentation for our members. John will speak about his collection and provide for viewing Original Titanic items and the incredible stories that go with them. Q&A to follow. It should be a great event!
Artist of the Month March 2023

jtrQpAz0vFZnR733.jpg                  yl5OX2p9ftxoe71n.jpg
Stop by the clubhouse to see more of her work. 

Artist’s statement:
When I sit down to start a painting, I am first inspired by colors. The colors of the ocean on a
bright sunny day, the varying shades of a handful of sea glass, the bright pinks of a
rhododendron flower against their background of shades of green, or the way golden yellow
feels warmer next to plums and violets. Then I am interested in creating order in randomness. I
love the challenge of making swipes of color or squares of paint or cut up experiments into a
balanced expression of shapes and color. Have you ever looked out into a forest, a field of
wildflowers, or the star-filled night sky and felt like everything was just right? That is the peace I
strive for.

Artist of the MONTH February 2023 (Much more to see at the clubhouse)

L1QkptFR7ngOeX5b.jpg                           geSLPAZBoE2gC40P.jpg

My wife Mona and I have been here at Coronado Shores for almost two years now. I don’t think we’ll be moving back to Portland. As long as the waves keep breaking, I think we’ll stick around.

Lately I have been curious about the recent advancements in AI. One of the pieces on display plays with AI generated elements. As a bonus piece of art I had ChatGPT create a haiku for ya’ll.

“Morning Calm at Coronado Shores”
Sunrise at the shore
Coronado’s beaches gleam
Peaceful start of day

Let’s connect.
You can find me at or on the beach with Max and Mona!

Artist of the MONTH November  2022
Kristina Rinel

Artist of the Month -  October 2022 -
Edilberto Merida

    WPEWB1WyJLNsQvvu.jpg              WZcNPt5tLrWOrCnQ.jpg                 1W3aHQCwnMynaOYM.jpg     

Artist of the MONTH  2022
Kristina Rinel




Artist of the Month -  November 2022 - Kristina Rinel
Artist of the Month -  October 2022 - Edilberto Merida
Artist of the Month - Septemer 2022 - Marian Geist
Artist of the Month - August 2022 - GAIL ROBERTS
Artist of the Month-July 2022 -Photographer Tim Herpel


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