Board Meetings and Directors

Board meetings are held the third Saturday of every month at 9am (except August and December when no meetings are held and the annual membership meeting in May which starts at 10am). All members are encouraged to attend.

Coronado Shores Board meetings are designed so all members can have input on the subjects at hand. As each item on the agenda is covered, if you have a comment, question, or suggestion following the briefing on the agenda item, raise your hand and you will be called on to speak.

Please be patient as the Board goes through the agenda and as the reports are given. In addition, following the completed format, there is an open forum for questions, comments, and/or suggestions where members can address any subject.

Another opportunity for communications is the website. It allows us to reach more Coronado Shores members and allows them the chance to be more involved with the Board and the community. In addition it should give you quick access to information and documents you may need.  If you wish to contact the Board or staff directly please use the Contact Us ink. 

Board of Directors for Coronado Shores Beach Club, Inc.

Frank Covacevich
I thank everyone for allowing me the opportunity to serve on your Board. I served on our HOA board in Lake Tahoe, California for 22 years and on our HOA board in El Dorado Hills, California for 5 years. As I see it the duty of a board member is to act fairly, in good faith, and in the interest of and for the benefit of the HOA as a whole, not to make decisions based on personal interests or gains. Janel and I bought our Coronado Shores home on Hacienda in 2005. We became full-time residents in 2014. We feel very fortunate to live in our little corner of the world: second to none natural beauty, boundless outdoor activities, and most importantly, the community that is Coronado Shores Beach Club. Simply put the people here are amazing! Thank you for being you.


Colleen Hartel
 (vice president)
My vision is to become a part of a cohesive Board working together for the good of the members of Coronado Shores. My short term on the Board has really opened my eyes as to what it takes to keep our community what it is, and I want to be part of that process. My husband Jim and I have had a house in Coronado Shores for 15 years. We retired to CSBC in March of 2008. I was employed with Portland General Electric for 18 years.


John Marshall (secretary)
Since moving from Colorado to Coronado Shores in early 2015, Bobbe and I have come to realize how lucky we are to have found this community. We especially like the welcoming attitude of our great neighbors, both permanent and seasonal. It is my pleasure to serve on your Board. I have served on both volunteer and non-profit boards for over 35 years, and enjoy this opportunity to become involved. After spending 40 years as a business owner, I look forward to serving our new friends and community.


Bob Batty (treasurer)
Colleen and I moved to Coronado Shores during 2003.  After several years of living here in Coronado Shores, I was elected to the Board of Directors and assigned the position of treasurer.


Jack Powell (architectural)
My wife, Sherrolin, and I have owned our home in Coronado Shores since 2012 and have been permanent residents since 2016. I served in the U.S. Army as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam. Upon returning home I completed my degree in Education at Brigham Young University. I then joined the Portland Police Bureau and served for 29 years, 27 of which were on the motorcycle detail. During my time with the Portland PB I joined the Army Reserve and retired in 2000. We have four children and 14 grandchildren. Sherrolin and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary on June 13, 2018. We love Coronado Shores and I am excited to be able to take an active part in our community.


Jim Reed (maintenance/safety)
I was born in the town of St. Johnsbury, Vermont in the year of our Lord 1951 to my loving parents Russell and Virginia Reed. Upon graduation from St. Johnsbury Acadamy in June of 1969, my military career began as a freshman attending Norwich University that September. After completing four years of military training and academics, I graduated with a BA and the gold bars of a United States Army 2lt. I reported to Ft. Knox Kentucky. Upon completion of my Armor Basic School I reported to the 3rd cavalry located at Ft. Bliss, Texas. (El Paso). Completing my combat branch obligation eight months after arrival, I entered my primary branch of service which was Intelligence and began my career as a Soviet Analyst. In the Winter of 1975 I met my Wife Gloria who was a civilian employee at Ft. Bliss and an Air Force veteran. In June of 1976 I returned to Vermont as a civilian and brought with me my beautiful wife of 40 years. Our civilian career brought us through Vermont, Pennsylvania, Texas, New York, Beaverton, Oregon and finally home to Coronado Shores. We are the proud parents of our beautiful daughter Sgt. Jamie Miller, U. S. Army stationed at Ft. Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas and a gorgeous grand-daughter Emmalyn Grace, 2 1/5 years of age. I am currently retired from corporate employment, but am 100% engaged in hunting and fishing on the coast.



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